Founder and CEO of MEE & The Village Productions Intl

M.E.E. & The Village Productions Intl.

Based on the premise that ‘It Takes A Village to Raise A Child’, M.E.E. & The Village Productions International, affectionately known as MEE Village, was founded as a concept in 2005.  Its aim is to bring healing through the medium of the arts; Visual, Audial, Verbal, Creative, Performance and Culinary.

MEE Village, (‘M.E.E.’ which is an acronym for Motivation, Empowerment and Entertainment), uses the various art forms, to address, raise awareness of and to tackle, thus bringing healing to and a better understanding of life’s common and sometimes more challenging issues.

Through our own development of projects and work with a cross section of society, we have been invited to run drama workshops, present and contribute to TV and Radio shows, and also to give talks and presentations

We were proud to begin our new initiative in 2008 where in partnership we set up, Film & Cabaret on the Broadway in conjunction with The Heritage Inn and M.O.S.  This regular Film Screening Night  (Film & Cabaret on the Broadway) with Question and Answer sessions with Filmmakers and have live Performances from a variety of Artists, including: Comedians. Poets and Vocalists, has gone from strength to strength.  Resulting in our being invited to set up nights in other parts of the country.

Through continued partnership working, such as those with EH Audio, BUFF and Gabriel Media, MEE Village are excited to continue to affect healing and change in society, through the medium of the Arts.

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