…’BELLE’ a movie by Amma Asante

The Movie ‘BELLE’

Based on a true story…

By Paulette Harris-German (Lady Paulette)

‘Belle’ is a beautiful movie directed by British born, Director Amma Asante, (London, of Ghanaian parentage).  Some of you may remember her from the youth TV show ‘Grange Hill’, well, she’s all grown up now!…  As bringing ‘Belle’ to the big screen has heralded her coming of age, for this achievement Amma has earned the accolade of being only the third woman of African descent to have secured a feature film theatrical release here in the UK in some 109 years!  Thus making remarkable history.

‘Belle’ tells the lesser known story of a young mixed-race girl ‘Dido Elizabeth Belle’, born to an African mother, held in slavery and her English Admiral father.  Dido is thrust into a world totally alien to her and anything she has ever experienced.  Dido an orphan is raised  by her uncle Lord Mansfield alongside her white cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray, during the 1800s in Kenwood House, which incidently is still situated on West London’s Hampstead Heath.  Kenwood House is open to the public on a daily basis.

Amma Asante’s patience in getting ‘Belle’ ‘in the ‘can’, has paid off.  This sprawlingly picturesque film comes to us under the shrewed eye of the films producer Damian Jones who also produced ‘ The Iron Lady’ a film about British MP Margeret Thatcher.  ‘Belle’ the movie, also brings us an ‘A List’ cast, including Tom Felton, Matthew Goode and Sarah Gado.  It stars, the RADA trained and extremely stunning Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

In ‘Belle’, Asante affords us a unique insight to an era many of us are familiar with,  yet it is from a vantage point and contexte we very rarely see a person of colour in, or their perspective.  This film however, is not necessarily a comfortable watch, that said, I was in some way appeased by the the transitional arch of Dido’s character… You will have to watch ‘Belle’ to see what I mean!

A Beautifully paced piece, the film leads us through the story’s telling in a gentle yet dynamic fashion.  It introduces us to the conflicts faced by Dido who lives a life which is juxtaposed to that of the colour of her skin.  A journey which sees the very fabric of her English birth family tested to the core, as it struggles with the changing demographics of their home.  Whilst outside the ravages of change are rattling the structures of society at large.  All of this taking place during a distinctively pivotal time in the history of Britain and the world over.

A must see film which has moved  the likes of ‘Oprah’ herself, to invite, Amma, Gugu and Sam to her home.  Gugu states… “She [Oprah] was very inspired to see a very uplifting female-centric story, a female writer, a female director, a mixed-race woman in the lead.  I think she loved the idea of celebrating the stories that uplift people and aslo celebrae what brings us together rather than what divides us.” (Radio Times)

Belle opens nationally in the UK on Friday Jue 13th 2014… Be sure to catch it.

For a taster of what you can expect, see the trailer posted.  Also, for your chance  to win a ‘Belle’ Goodie Bag see below…


To win this ‘Belle’ Goodie Bag, containing a tote back, neck scarf, cd and book (not the same as the film) just answer this very easy question:

Which television show did ‘Belle’ Director Amma Asante apear in as a child?  Correct entrants will be put into a draw.  Answers to Lady Paulette.


Useful Links:  Kenwood House, Watch ‘Bell’ at thiese cinemas


See you again here soon for even more ‘arting around with Lady Paulette






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HARD HITTING THEATRE PRODUCTION SET IN KINGSTON, JAMAICA W.I. For more information visit... www.stratfordeast.com

Lady Paulette UK

Join me @LadyPauletteUK on

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‘BLACK NATIVITY’ COMPETITION… And the winners are…

Wow so many entries to this competion!

Thank you for all the entries for our ‘BLACK NATIVITY competition…


Our winners are… Ms Overo of Streatham in London, and Ms Thomas who is from Ealing.

Congratulations to you both!  You have won this amazing…

‘BLACK NATIVITY ‘ gift package which includes a limited edition T-Shirt, Scarf, Diary

and Soundtrack CD.

Join us again here at www.meevillage.com for more ‘arting Around’ updates, competitions and prizes soon.


For more regular up to the minute updates, news and twitter posts, you can also visit and LIKE my FAN PAGE by clicking FACEBOOK NOW!  and you can also, follow me on TWITTER TODAY!


Very Warm Regards,

Lady Paulette & the ‘arting Around’ team.

Lady Paulette UK

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On Friday December 6th the exceptional Musical ‘BLACK NATIVITY’ prepares to wrap us up warm in the velvetness of a chorus that serenades us with the spirit of forgiveness.

As a special treat, Fox Searchlight have put together what I would call the ‘Winter Wamer Pack’ Goodie Bag.

For your chance to win one of these two Goddie Bags containing a ‘Black Nativity’ logo’d hat, t-shirt, scarf, diary and the amazing sound track CD, featuring songs from it’s ‘A-List’ cast members including Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Tyrese Gibson, Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones and my favourite Jacob Latimore.

All you have to do is to answer this simple question:  Which other film gained ‘Black Nativity’s’ director Kasi Lemmons her notoriety when she directed it in 1997?

Email your answer to: laydeepaulette@yahoo.com

Where your name will be placed into the draw.  Closing date is Thursday 12th December 2013.  The winners will be notified by by return email.
Good Luck!

Lady Paulette

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As the festive season draws nigh and we turn our thoughts to family and friends near and far, Fox Searchlight brings ‘BLACK NATIVITY’ to the UK screens.

Inspired by Langston Hughs’  1950s play, Kasi Lemmons (Eve’s Bayou) directs this rousing family musical, with award winning stars including Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Angela Basset, Forest Whitaker, Tyrese Gibson, Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones and newcomer Jacob Latimore, who steals it for me.

Latimore as ‘Langston’ with his contemporary youthful angst is the driving force in this movie.  As he tries to get to the bottom of his mother’s plight, he finds himself shipped off to her parents in New York, from here an untidy web is unwoven.

Be sure to catch BLACK NATIVITY from Friday December 6th when it screens at the VUE, ODEON, CINEWORLD, EMPIRE & SHOWCASE cinemas.

Remeber to visit www.meevillage.com in the next few days where you can be in with a chance to win a ‘BLACK NATIVITY’ Goody Bag.

See you in a few.

Lady Paulette

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As ‘Baggage Claim’ navigagtes the UK skies for the last week,  we are so excited to bring this exciting competition to you our MEE Village family.

Above is a coveted piece of luggage similar to that used by the crew in the hilarious romcom “Baggage Claim’.


To be in with a chance to win it, tell us who play’s the female lead in ‘Baggage Claim’, and who she is married to in real life?

Email your answers to:  laydeepaulette@yahoo.com

See you back here soon for more exciting entertainment news and competitions.


Lady Paulett

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CROWNING GLORY…To Weave or not Weave!

SE_crowning _eflyer_1

Having trouble seeing this?

Click here

Theatre Royal Stratford East presents Crowning Glory, written by Somalia Seaton.

Student seats from ��5

Join our all-female cast of fun and feisty modern women as they share the trials and tribulations of their hair,
and try to uncover what true beauty means.

"In a world saturated with images of unrealistic and unobtainable beauty,
how do women see themselves?"

This current, funny and thought-provoking show will undoubtedly get you talking. Come along with friends or family and take part in the conversation!

To find out more about the show and our post show discussion just click here.

Watch the
video interview
with the writer,
Somalia Seaton.

Subtitles available

Somalia Seaton on her play Crowning Glory

Somalia Seaton on her play Crowning Glory

Tickets £5‐£.  Book online at www.stratfordeast.com or call us on 020 8534 0310.

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‘BAGGAGE CLAIM’ UK Release Friday October 11th 2013


Friday October 11th sees another fantastic Romantic Comedy open in the United Kingdom.

For the longest time, many of the feature films featuring a predominantly black cast coming out of the United States never get the release ‘justice’ they deserve.  Well, Baggage Claim, is set to break the mould!  With the juggernaut that is Twentieth Century Fox behind it, every effort is being made to ensure that this world class cast of actors get their just deserts on UK Soil.

With stars including the beautifully gorgeous Boris Kodjoe, (biased I know), in what I deem an uncharateristic role as ‘Graham’, we enter into the ‘high flying’ world of Paula Patton’s character, flight attendant Montanna Moore, on her whirlwind journey to find a beau in 30 days.   All this under the stern, overbearing and sometimes acidic gaze of her mother Catherine played by the fabulous Jenifer Lewis.  What ensues is a ‘big dipper’ of a ride as we join Montanna and the hillariously funny  Gail (Jill Scott) and Sam (Adam Brody), who to me are a magical casting combination, as they aide and abet her on her cross country trail to land her man.

Ever thought that finding your ‘Mr Everything’ might never happen, well join Miss Montanna Moore on her quest.  You never know, you might just get som tips!


and to become a M.E.E VILLAGE . COM SUBSCRIBER…

email:  Laydeepaulette@yahoo.com

Baggage Claim opens in UK cinemes from Friday October 11th 2013.

Until the next time,

Lady Paulette

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THIS Sunday 29th September 2013 see’s the cast and crew from the latest offering from the award winning director Lawrence Coke, screen their film at the Portobello Pop-Up Cinema in London’s Ladbroke Grove.
This impromptu screening will give West Londoners the opportunity to experience this humerous and timely ‘mocumentar’.  Shot in black and white, this offering by Coke gives us a sneaky insight into the world of a ‘player’.  Tracking the murky behavior of Melvin, coke explores the pitfalls, any self respecting woman to should look out for.
Join the film’s director Lawrence Coke and cast members as they share their tumultuous journey in getting this internationally screened film to it’s fruition.
With tickets at only £5 + 78p booking fee, and the weather set to be a balmy 20 degrees this will be a great way to end the month of September.  Meet ‘Melvin here!  Buy your ticket ‘HERE!’
See you there or see you soon!

Lady Paulette

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