Photo: Director, Menelik Shabazz and Associate Producer:  Paulette Harris-German

‘The Story of Lovers Rock’ sees it’s UK national release sell out at four London cinemas on it’s Opening Night!

Many faces of disappointment were seen in London on the night that Reggae’s softer side took to the silver screen.

The Ritzy Brixton with Menelik Shabazz’s Q&A hosted by Henry Bonsu, The Odeon, Streatham, Pekhamplex in Peckham (hosted by Junior Giscombe) and the late night screening at the Rio in Dalston all saw potential audience members stumped at their inability to purchase tickets.

The word was definitely out, tickets to the latest offering from the UK’s Leading Black Filmmaker, Menelik Shabazz was being released and the more discerning cinema goers had the foresight to  book their tickets in advance. 

Following the films sold out premier at London’s Bfi NFT1, ‘The Story of Lovers Rock’ was now on a limited release.  With a celebrity line up including Janet Kay, Sylvia Tella, Carroll Thompson, Angie Le Mar, Victor Romero Evans, Paul Dawkins, Trevor Walters, Robbie Gee, and Eddie Nestor, and word of mouth rallying the call, all indications were that tickets would be in great demand.

With strong reviews in Time Out Magazine and on Permanent Plastic Helmet to name but two, and, now in selected cinemas for five weeks ‘The Story of Lovers Rock’ is still drawing sold out audiences, with the screening scheduled for the 11th November 2011 at the Tricycle Cinema virtually sold out with only 13 seats left on sale as I write.

‘The Story of Lovers Rock’s selection as opening the night film for the 2011 African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) this November heralds the beginning of it’s international run.

If you haven’t already seen it, what are you waiting for?   With a 12A certificate, this is a film for the family.  For more information and updates on screenings, visit the ‘The Story of Lovers Rock’ website: and or join their Facebook Group at:  The Story of Lovers Rock

See you at a screening near you.

Lady Paulette 🙂

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