CROWNING GLORY…To Weave or not Weave!

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Theatre Royal Stratford East presents Crowning Glory, written by Somalia Seaton.

Student seats from ��5

Join our all-female cast of fun and feisty modern women as they share the trials and tribulations of their hair,
and try to uncover what true beauty means.

"In a world saturated with images of unrealistic and unobtainable beauty,
how do women see themselves?"

This current, funny and thought-provoking show will undoubtedly get you talking. Come along with friends or family and take part in the conversation!

To find out more about the show and our post show discussion just click here.

Watch the
video interview
with the writer,
Somalia Seaton.

Subtitles available

Somalia Seaton on her play Crowning Glory

Somalia Seaton on her play Crowning Glory

Tickets £5‐£.  Book online at or call us on 020 8534 0310.

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‘BAGGAGE CLAIM’ UK Release Friday October 11th 2013


Friday October 11th sees another fantastic Romantic Comedy open in the United Kingdom.

For the longest time, many of the feature films featuring a predominantly black cast coming out of the United States never get the release ‘justice’ they deserve.  Well, Baggage Claim, is set to break the mould!  With the juggernaut that is Twentieth Century Fox behind it, every effort is being made to ensure that this world class cast of actors get their just deserts on UK Soil.

With stars including the beautifully gorgeous Boris Kodjoe, (biased I know), in what I deem an uncharateristic role as ‘Graham’, we enter into the ‘high flying’ world of Paula Patton’s character, flight attendant Montanna Moore, on her whirlwind journey to find a beau in 30 days.   All this under the stern, overbearing and sometimes acidic gaze of her mother Catherine played by the fabulous Jenifer Lewis.  What ensues is a ‘big dipper’ of a ride as we join Montanna and the hillariously funny  Gail (Jill Scott) and Sam (Adam Brody), who to me are a magical casting combination, as they aide and abet her on her cross country trail to land her man.

Ever thought that finding your ‘Mr Everything’ might never happen, well join Miss Montanna Moore on her quest.  You never know, you might just get som tips!


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Baggage Claim opens in UK cinemes from Friday October 11th 2013.

Until the next time,

Lady Paulette

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