‘I AM WHAT I AM’ …Redhed Qi’s Up Coming Album


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Following her amazing opening night performance at the ARIWA ‘Back to Africa Festival’ in The Gambia and her stints in Germany and France, Redhed Qi’s aptly named album ‘I Am What I Am’ is set to launch later this year.

This uniquely talented woman is forcibly writing and carving her way into what is predominantly a male orientated world.  Unapologetic in her delivery, Redhed Qi’s lyrics are driven and thought povoking.  Not a woman to be pushed around and or dictated to, Redhed Qi is a force to be reconned with, telling it as it is in this 21st Century way of living.

Her commanding performances leave no question as to what she stands for, and, that is…  ‘Standing up for Self’… ‘The’ or ‘Our’ Power Lies Within… So Start to Tap in!

During her recent showcase as the opening act for ARIWA’S Mad Professor’s ‘BACK TO AFRICA FESTIVAL’ and subsequent national and international performances, Redhed Qi has the animated and excited audiences chanting back her lyrics to her in full voice.

The ARIWA stable states of this Raw Talented artist…  “The lead single ‘I Am What I Am’ is an expression that many people would like to say but a lot of the time don’t know how to.”

“Spreading that “Rootikal Love” [another track from the album] no one quite manages to do it better than our very own Redhed Qi.”   http://ariwa.com/

For your sneak preview of the title track, and Redhed Qi’s own breakdown of who she is,  click on this… Redhed Qi – \’I Am What I Am\’ Promo – ARIWA   Also, why not  check out the interview in a previous post, conducted with her by Lady Paulette during thier trip to The Gambia.

For more information contact:  info@msred.co.uk  And, check back soon for more new and exciting news from the world of the arts.


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