Were you there?  No!?  Oh Dear. Oh well despair not as they ‘will be back’!



London’s Tricycle Theatre ‘Sang Out’ to the sweet sounds of Lover’s Rock, as the genre’s royalty in the form of Janet Kay, Victor Romero Evans and Carroll Thompson took to the boards to take us on a journey back to a time when ‘flower shirts’ met box ‘pleat skirts’.

Following it’s initial run in February at The Dugdale Centre, Enfield, the trio brought this well honed piece to the North West of London.  Here the audience were on their feet from the opening lyrics ‘This is Lover’s Rock’.  Reminded of a time when Love was sought in the arms of a partner who could ‘scrub and go down’.  The audience screamed and laughed at the demonstrations given by Victor Romero Evans who was only just to pleased to give them more.  On the night the show was stolen by the audience participation antics of both Janet Kay and Carroll Thompson… want to know more well…

If you want to be a part of the fun next time, keep your eyes peeled for the new dates to be notified here at MEE Village in the very near future.

See you back here soon.

Lady Paulette 😮

MEE & The Village Productions Intl. responsible for PR on the ‘Lovers Rock Monologues’.

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